November is National Take Action on Radon Month

Dated: November 15 2020

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November is National Take Action on Radon Month

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas, that is odorless, colorless, tasteless, and carcinogenic! Radon is a derivative of the mineral uranium that occurs naturally in rocks and soil. As uranium breaks down, radon gas is released and travels through the soil to the surface and finally escapes through a path of least resistance into the air. Since every region in Canada contains uranium minerals, radon exposure is of concern since it is a confirmed level 1 carcinogen. This means that it has been proven to cause lung cancers. In fact, radon exposure is the leading cause of Lung Cancer in non-smokers in Canada with 3200 Canadian deaths each year. On average, one Albertan is diagnosed with radon-induced lung cancer every day.


Geologic Radon Potential of Western Prairies

This map indicates the Radon potential in Western Canada and of concern are Alberta & Saskatchewan, with the second

highest radon exposure in the world.

·      Radon concentrations are typically higher in basements since the radon gas can enter homes through cracks, pipes and drains.

·      Concentrations are also higher in the winter months since our homes are sealed against the elements the radon concentrations can build up. 

·      1 in 6 homes across Canada have dangerously high levels of radon.

·      Radon gas is at dangerous levels in 1 in 8 homes in the Calgary area.

·      Newer homes had a 31.5% higher radon concentration, mainly because they are larger. With larger square footage there is more surface area in the basement where radon can enter.

·      Now with Canadians spending more time at home due to COVID-19 there may be an increased risk of exposure. 

·      Children are more susceptible as they breathe 2 to 3 times faster and weigh less.

·      In 2015 the National Building Code mandates radon mitigation rough in pipes in newly built homes.

·      Health Canada has launched an awareness program and has delivered postcards to homes in Canada encouraging Canadians to take action and test the radon levels in their homes. 

·      University of Calgary researchers are also conducting a study that compares radon exposure results pre-Covid, during Covid and eventually post-Covid. People can still sign up for the Evict Radon Study. So far roughly 20,000 online surveys have been delivered. Early results indicate that there is a 35% increase in annual radon exposure in the initial test group. 

Order your Radon Testing Kit today. This little puck like radon testing device is placed in an area in your basement for 90 days. Inside the device there is a little piece of bullet proof plastic. The Alpha particles released from the Radon gas actually dent the plastic in the testing device so one can only imagine the serious DNA damage that is occurring inside of exposed lungs by these same particles! There are also digital monitoring devices that produce results in 24 hours contact a local certified radon specialist today!


Evict Radon (U of C Evict Radon Study)


Health Canada Find a Radon Test Provider Near You 


More information may be found at:

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